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Mother's Day soap flower $5
MotherLemon & Mint (24oz)
Lemon & Mint (24oz)Diet Coke
Diet CokeAssam Black Tea
Assam Black TeaGyoza Dumplings (8)
Gyoza Dumplings (8)Eggs, Goat Cheese & Avocado Crepe
Eggs, Goat Cheese & Avocado CrepeMilk Foam Green Tea
Milk Foam Green TeaHoney Bear Specialty Latte
Honey Bear Specialty LatteSoy Garlic Chicken
Soy Garlic ChickenC1.Hawaiian BBQ Chicken
C1.Hawaiian BBQ ChickenRed Bean Soup
Red Bean SoupA1. Chinese Fried Breadstick
A1. Chinese Fried BreadstickRoti Canai
Roti CanaiA01. Dosirak
A01. DosirakTeriyaki Glazed Chicken
Teriyaki Glazed ChickenAll Mozzarella Hotdog
All Mozzarella HotdogMango Pomelo Sago
Mango Pomelo SagoBlack Tea
Crunchy Pad ThaiCurry Fish Ball (6)
Curry Fish Ball (6) Lotus Root Mouth Watering Chicken
Lotus Root Mouth Watering ChickenOriginal Pork Floss Cake
Original Pork Floss CakeA1.Vietnamese Eggroll
A1.Vietnamese Eggroll 1. Chả Giò (3 rolls)
1. Chả Giò (3 rolls)Fried Boudin Balls
Fried Boudin BallsPoke Bowl: Tuna

AMA Kitchen is Coming soon


Since Katy sian Town’s opening, it has grown rapidly. Many businesses hope to open their stores here to provide services to the community. For this reason, we have launched a cloud kitchen so that businesses can enter here at a more affordable price.

About AMA On-The-Go

AMA On-The-Go is an To-Go Platform for Katy Asian Town (KAT) to aim the pandemic under the concept of “Together We Prevail”. It is a community-based To-Go platform. Currently we work with than 25 stores, offer 800+ items available for your friends and family at one stop!

Safety Is Our First Priority

Our onsite staffs and drivers follow the standard procedure daily to sanitize the distribution site and cars, and wear masks and gloves to protect all parties.

AMA Kitchen is coming soon!

AMA Kitchen provides the public to enjoy modern dining diversities in an Asia fusion environment at one location. In the meantime, AMA Kitchen offers business owners to serve the market with economic terms.

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