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AMA Kitchen

AMA Kitchen bring together a diverse range of culinary delights under one roof. With a passion for exceptional food and a commitment to creating unforgettable dining experiences, we invite you to explore the gastronomic wonders that await you.

Savory Delights

Handcrafted delights that instantly brighten up your day. Whether its chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon, we use the finest ingredients to produce these mouth watering artifacts.

Drinks & Sweet

Carefully crafted sweets to brighten up your day. Whether its chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon, only the finest ingredients are used to produce these mouth watering artifacts.

Pho, Hotpot & Noodles

Handcrafted delights that instantly brighten up your day. Whether its chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon, we use the finest ingredients to produce these mouth watering artifacts.

AMA Kitchen - Houston Innovated Ghost Kitchens

AMA Kitchen Soft Opening

AMA Kitchen is thrilled to announce that we are extending our Soft Opening Discount until June 18th! That’s right, everything in our menu will be 25% off during this period!

AMA On-The-Go App


You can enjoy Katy Asian Town’s multiple meals in one order with one delivery fee! We have over 30+ stores and 800+ Asian cuisine food on AMA On-The-Go!


AMA On-The-Go

AMA ON-THE-GO is an innovative delivery service transforming the dining landscape in Katy Asian Town. By enabling customers to order from over 35 different restaurants, it offers an array of Asian cuisine choices from one platform. Diners can enjoy the diversity of Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, Malaysian dishes, and more, without worrying about multiple delivery fees. With AMA ON-THE-GO, dining experiences are not only diverse but also hassle-free and timely. This service truly unlocks a new level of culinary convenience for the Katy community.

Online Ordering

Multiple Stores in 1 Order

Up to 8 Miles Delivery

Safety is our first priority

Open Your Business at Thriving Katy Asian Town

AMA Kitchen offers cost-effective store openings in Houston’s new landmark, Katy Asian Town, providing you with cost savings, shared resources, and joint marketing to help your business thrive.


Cost Savings

Save on rent, hosting, and other expenses with the affiliate fee that covers essential costs.


Shared Facilities and Resources

Access shared kitchens, storage, and dining areas, along with integrated food delivery platforms for operational efficiency.


Joint Marketing Plan and Exposure

Benefit from a structured marketing plan that increases brand exposure and customer reach through digital campaigns.

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AMA KITCHEN Soft Opening at Katy Asian Town in Houston this November with 25% Discount!

Exciting News! AMA Kitchen Launches Soft Opening at Katy Asian Town in Houston on November 9, 2023. Enjoy a 25% discount on all dishes until June...

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