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Katy Asian Town Highlights: 3 Must-Visit Delicious Brunch Spots + Newly Open Snowcano Coffee Dessert Shop

Ready to indulge in a mouth-watering weekend brunch in Katy Asian Town? Look no further! I’ve selected three must-visit popular eateries for you! Indulge in authentic Hong Kong-style dim sum, juicy and tender fried chicken cutlet sandwiches, and genuine Taiwanese brunch to make your weekend leisurely enjoyable!

Keep reading to discover your new favorite brunch spot!

Bingo Cake: Crispy Chicken Steak & Egg Drop Sandwich

Indulge in the must-try Crispy Chicken Steak & Egg Drop Sandwich at Bingo Cake for a quick and tasty breakfast or lunch delight. This flavorful sandwich, perfect for brunch, features juicy fried chicken that adds an irresistible taste to every bite. The egg drop enhances the texture, creating a satisfying combination.

Be sure to pair it with their delicious sparkling lychee for a refreshing experience. With the tasty and juicy fried chicken, you simply can’t go wrong with anything on the menu at Bingo. Give it a try and treat yourself to a burst of flavors!

3 Spots for Delicious Weekend Brunch in Katy Asian Town- Bao & Rice at AMA Kitchen_ Gua Bao - Pork Belly Sandwiches (2)

Tim Ho WanDim Sum Delights

Enjoy a delicious brunch at Tim Ho Wan, where they serve Hong Kong-style dim sum, also known as “yum cha” or “drink tea.” This means you get to enjoy small, tasty dishes while sipping on tea.

A must-try is their Baked BBQ Pork Buns – they’re crispy on top with a sweet BBQ pork filling inside. Another favorite of mine is the Steamed Shrimp Dumplings; they’re a bit under-seasoned but super fresh and chewy. Tim Ho Wan is a great spot for a simple and enjoyable brunch, perfect for those who love tasty bites and a cozy tea-drinking experience.

Bao & Rice at AMA Kitchen: Gua Bao – Pork Belly Sandwiches

Discover the delicious offerings of Bao & Rice at the newly opened AMA Kitchen. They specialize in Taiwanese snacks, with their standout item being the Gua Bao, also known as pork belly sandwiches. Picture fluffy pillow buns hugging a tasty filling of meat, peanut powder, preserved veggies, and cilantro. The Gua Bao strikes a perfect balance with pickled veggies, neither too fatty nor too lean.

The hot and sour soup, with its tasty and slightly spicy broth, is a hearty mix of mushrooms, silky eggs, and tofu. It’s a must-try for a flavorful and satisfying experience at AMA Kitchen.

3 Spots for Delicious Weekend Brunch in Katy Asian Town- Bao & Rice at AMA Kitchen_ Gua Bao - Pork Belly Sandwiches

Snowcano: Sweet and Flavorful Treats

Snowcano is set to open on 12/2 in Katy Asia Town, bringing a unique experience of desserts and Vietnamese-style coffee to Katy residents. Snowcano specializes in coffee and dessert beverages. If you love caramel, we highly recommend trying the caramel crispy milk coffee. For tea lovers, the rose tea paired with crystal boba and coconut jelly drink is a must-try. The rose tea has a full aroma and refreshing.

In addition to the drinks, Snowcano also offers a special treat for dessert enthusiasts – roasted marshmallows paired with drinks. The drinks are cleverly infused with the sweet and aromatic roasted marshmallows, creating a satisfying treat for your taste buds. You are welcome to visit Snowcano at A109 in Katy Asia Town Phase 3.

AMA Kitchen: Explore Diverse Delicacies

AMA KITCHEN, situated at the intersection of Houston’s Intercontinental Highway I-10 and Highway 99, right in the heart of the lively Katy Asian Town, has recently opened!

AMA Kitchen is an all-in-one restaurant that serves a unique fusion of Asian and Western cuisine. From Italian pasta, Taiwanese snacks, and Chinese cuisine to hot pot, Vietnamese pho, Japanese sushi, salads, fried foods, and seafood specialties, we offer an extensive array of delectable choices. No matter what you crave, we’ve got you covered!

Our modern and inviting dining ambiance is perfect for food enthusiasts of all kinds. Come and enjoy a delicious meal with us today!

At AMA Kitchen, we provide a comprehensive dining experience that caters to various occasions and diverse age groups. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch, a late-night gathering after work, home-delivered delicacies, or even venue rentals and catering services, we’re here to fulfill your needs.

Explore Diverse Delicacie

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